Short Tutorial How To Use Tradingview For Free

Introduction “How To Use Tradingview For Free”

TradingView is a well-liked website that gives traders and investors access to sophisticated charting, research, and trading tools online. Even though TradingView has paid plans with more features, it is possible to use the site without paying anything. Geek traders may use TradingView’s free tools to learn about the market, examine patterns, and make smarter trades. This tutorial will teach you all you need to know to make the most of TradingView’s free features.

Creating a Free TradingView Account

A TradingView free account is required to get started. The TradingView “Sign Up” button may be seen at their website. Please enter your name, email address, and password in the fields provided. Verify your email address to finish registering. After signing up with TradingView, you can immediately join in and begin using the platform at no cost.

Charting and Technical Analysis

TradingView is notable for its sophisticated charting tools. You may do in-depth technical analysis with the use of the platform’s many charting tools, indicators, and sketching tools. Choose a financial instrument or market to examine first. You may alter the appearance of the chart by using the controls on the toolbar and the sidebar. To better understand the market, one may use technical analysis tools and methods such as adding indicators, drawing trend lines, annotating critical levels, and more.

how to use tradingview for free

Market Watchlists and Alerts

Individualized market watchlists may be created and monitored in TradingView. You can follow the progress of the stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other investments you care about by adding them to your watchlist. You may keep an eye on many assets at once and evaluate potential gains by using the watchlist function. TradingView now has the option to get alerts and notifications on individual instrument prices. To be aware of prospective trading opportunities or market swings, set up personalized alerts based on price levels or technical indicators.

Social Networking and Community Engagement

The community of traders and investors on TradingView is active and supportive. You may interact with the community as a free member by following other traders, posting comments, and seeing user-created material. Insights into technical analysis and market comments from other traders may be found in the “Ideas” section. Join the conversation with other like-minded people, share your knowledge, and benefit from the insights of others. You may improve your trading techniques and get useful insights by interacting with the TradingView community.

how to use tradingview for free

Free Publishing and Sharing

One of TradingView’s most valuable free features is the opportunity to have one’s own analysis and thoughts published and shared with others. Free users have the ability to share their charts, thoughts, and trade analyses with the community for feedback and discussion. Put your trading expertise out there by annotating charts, writing descriptions, and sharing your work. You may use this function to show off your analytical prowess, get comments from other TradingView users, and add to the platform’s collective wisdom.


There are a number of paid membership options available for TradingView, however anybody may utilize the basic functions for free. By signing up for TradingView’s free service, traders have access to the platform’s robust charting and technical analysis tools, market watchlist tracking, alerts, community interaction, and the publication of their own trading ideas. Use TradingView’s free features to improve your trading and investing activities, and take use of the platform’s insights and active community to make educated choices in the ever-changing financial market.


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