Short Guide How To Raid On Twitch [2023]

How To Raid On Twitch

Allow me to show you the ropes of raiding on Twitch. Raiding is a popular Twitch feature that enables broadcasters to recommend a different channel to their audience when they wrap up their own. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for the work of other broadcasters, interact with their audiences, and encourage teamwork on Twitch.

In this detailed tutorial, I’ll show you every stage of the raiding process on Twitch, so you can help other streams and make genuine relationships with their viewers.

1. Understand the Basics of Raiding

It’s important to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of raiding on Twitch before you go in headfirst. The term “raid” refers to the practice of one streamer sending their viewers to the channel of another broadcaster at the conclusion of their own stream. The amount of viewers sent in a raid is determined by the streamer who initiated the attack. After initiating a raid, viewers are sent to the targeted channel and a message is shown in the targeted streamer’s chat, detailing the raid and the total number of raiding viewers.

2. Plan and Prepare for the Raid

The following should be taken into account while organizing a raid on Twitch:

  1. Find other streamers in your community or niche whose material is relevant to your audience’s interests by doing research.
  2. Get in touch with the streamer you want to raid in advance to discuss the raid and check their desire to be raided and their availability.
  3. Schedule: Decide on a day and time for the raid so that both broadcasters can inform their viewers and get ready.
  4. You may get your audience excited about the approaching raid by making announcements or devoting a section of your broadcast to the topic.

how to raid on twitch

3. Initiate the Raid

When it’s time to start the raid, do the following on Twitch:

  1. Stop broadcasting; wind up your own stream by bidding farewell to your audience.
  2. After your broadcast has concluded, a raid panel will appear on your Twitch dashboard; click on it to access it. To access the raid window, use the “Raid Now” button.
  3. Pick Your Favorite Channel: Raid the channel of your favorite streamer by typing their name into the raid panel. In-text recommendations are available on Twitch. Choose the right channel from the list of recommendations.
  4. Adjust your raid parameters by: Determine how many spectators will be watching the raid and tweak settings like raid messaging and emotes.
  5. Launch the attack: To begin the raid, choose the “Start Raid” option. Your audience will be sent to the raided channel and alerted in-game.

4. Engage and Support the Raided Streamer

You should interact with the raided streamer’s community and promote their content while your viewers are sent there. You should tell your audience to follow the streamer, comment on their videos, and join the chat to demonstrate their gratitude. The Twitch community benefits from this kind of engagement since it helps spread positivity and strengthen bonds between users.

5. Follow-up and Collaboration

After a raid, it’s courteous to contact the targeted streamer to offer thanks and inquire about future possibilities to work together. Your communities’ relationships will deepen as a result of this follow-up, which might result in mutual raids, hosting, or future cooperation.

By according to these detailed steps, you’ll be able to pull off a successful raid on Twitch, increasing interaction among the streaming community and lending support to your fellow broadcasters. Use the power of raids to embrace your inner nerd, share happiness, and make genuine relationships within the Twitch broadcasting community.

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