Short Guide How To Get Clock Screensaver On Macbook

How To Get Clock Screensaver On Macbook

Having a clock screensaver on your MacBook is one way to show off your individuality. In addition to serving a practical purpose, a clock screensaver may serve as a decorative accessory. To help you keep track of time and add a bit of aesthetic appeal to your screen, I’ll show you how to install a clock screensaver on your MacBook Pro.

1. Accessing System Preferences

Select “System Preferences” from the menu that appears when you click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of your MacBook screen. Alternately, you may click the “System Preferences” icon in the Dock to open System Preferences.

2. Selecting Desktop & Screen Saver

Find the “Desktop & Screen Saver” icon in System Preferences and choose it. You may alter the desktop background and screensaver in this area.

3. Choosing the Screensaver Tab

On top of the options box for your desktop and screen saver are two tabs labeled “Desktop” and “Screen Saver.” The screensaver configuration menu may be accessed by selecting the “Screen Saver” button.

how to get clock screensaver on macbook

4. Exploring Screensaver Options

There are many screen savers to choose from under the Screen Saver menu. Find a screensaver with a clock or time display by browsing the available options. Screensavers that display the time include “Word Clock,” “Flurry,” and “Origami.” To choose your preferred clock screensaver, just click on it.

5. Customizing Clock Screensaver Settings

After deciding on a clock screensaver, you may be able to adjust its appearance and behavior. The size, color, and design of the clock might all be up for grabs. Learn more about the various choices for personalization and make adjustments that suit your needs.

how to get clock screensaver on macbook

6. Adjusting Screensaver Activation Settings

If you want your clock screensaver to start automatically after a certain amount of time of inactivity, you may do so by adjusting the relevant settings. Find the “Start after” or “Wait” option in the Screen Saver menu and enter the delay time. How long your MacBook must remain inactive before triggering the time screensaver.

Adding a clock screensaver to your MacBook is as simple as following these steps. Take advantage of having a clock on your screen while also improving the aesthetics of your smartphone. This little adjustment will make your MacBook feel like it was built just for you.

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