Learn How To Open Ms Word In Windows 10

A Guide How To Open Ms Word In Windows 10

Microsoft Word, an extremely popular piece of word processing software, is described as follows. There are various ways to launch Microsoft Word on Windows 10, making it a convenient choice for those who often use the program. This post will explain how to launch Microsoft Word on Windows 10, allowing you to quickly and easily create documents.

Using the Start Menu

How to Use the Start Menu The Start Menu is Windows 10’s primary entry point to all of the operating system’s programs and functions. You may launch Microsoft Word by clicking the Start button in your computer’s taskbar’s lower left corner. This will launch the Start Menu, where you may access all of your currently installed programs and tiles.

Look for “Microsoft Word” or “Word” in the Start Menu’s list of programs or use the search box at the menu’s top. Windows will apply filters to search results as you write. When you see the Microsoft Word icon, double-click it to launch Word.

Using the Desktop Shortcut

Opening Microsoft Word on Windows 10 through a desktop shortcut is yet another time-saving option. A desktop shortcut is a fast cut to a program that lives on your computer’s desktop. Simply double-clicking the Microsoft Word shortcut on your desktop will open the program.

how to open ms word in windows 10

If you don’t already have a shortcut to Microsoft Word on your desktop, you may create one by navigating to the program in the Start Menu. Find the program you want to create a shortcut for, then right-click on it and select “Create shortcut.” After clicking the link, Windows will suggest dropping the shortcut on your desktop. After doing so, a shortcut to Microsoft Word will appear on your desktop; double-clicking it will launch Word.

Using the Taskbar

You may make commonly used programs instantly available in Windows 10 by pinning them to the taskbar. Simply clicking the Microsoft Word shortcut on the taskbar will launch the program.

Find Microsoft Word in the Start menu or by searching, then drag it to the taskbar. Click the right mouse button on the Word icon, then choose “Pin to taskbar.” Once the icon for Microsoft Word has been added to the taskbar, you may launch the program by double-clicking on it.

Using File Explorer

The default Windows 10 file manager, File Explorer, may also be used to launch Microsoft Word. Either click the folder icon on the taskbar or hit the Windows key plus E on the keyboard to launch File Explorer. Use the File Explorer window to go to the directory containing your Microsoft Word files.

If you double-click on a file that is a Word document, Microsoft Word will launch and display the file. If Microsoft Word isn’t already open when you double-click a Word file, it will open along with the program.

The procedure of launching Microsoft Word on Windows 10 is simple and flexible. Microsoft Word is easily accessible through the Start Menu, desktop shortcuts, the taskbar, and File Explorer, so you can get to work on your papers right away. Select the approach that best fits your process, and then take use of Word’s robust capabilities in Windows 10.

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