Learn How To Convert Inpage File To Pdf In 3 Methods

Introduction How To Convert Inpage File To Pdf

It’s possible that, you’ll need to convert an Inpage file to PDF so that it may be more easily shared, printed, or archived. The Urdu publishing program Inpage is widely used for the layout and creation of texts in the Urdu, Arabic, and Persian languages.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular alternative since it maintains document quality and is universally supported. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the several options available for making the Inpage-to-PDF transition.

Method 1: Using a Virtual PDF Printer

Inpage files may be easily converted to PDF with the use of a virtual PDF printer. Adobe PDF Printer and PDFCreator are two examples of virtual PDF printers that enable you to “print” any file to PDF format on your computer. To get started, launch a program that can read your Inpage file.

Select the virtual PDF printer from the list of printers by going to the “File” menu, clicking “Print,” and then selecting the appropriate choice. Click “Print” after making any necessary adjustments, such as for the page orientation or output quality. Simply give the PDF a name, choose a save location, and hit “Save” to finish.

Method 2: Using Online Conversion Tools

If you’d rather not have to worry about downloading and installing any extra software, you may use one of several online converting programs. Free online Inpage to PDF conversion services are provided by a variety of websites, such as Smallpdf and Zamzar. Use your web browser to go to the site of your preferred online converter.

how to convert inpage file to pdf

Upload your Inpage file by following the website’s upload instructions. If there are any choices or settings to adjust, do so now and start the conversion. Once the process is finished, you may save the PDF to your computer.

Method 3: Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

This approach makes advantage of additional capabilities and configuration choices available in Adobe Acrobat Pro. To access the “File” menu in Adobe Acrobat Pro, launch the program. Simply choose the “Create” tab and then either the “PDF from File” or “Combine Files into PDF” option.

Find the Inpage file you need to convert, and then choose it. If required, make changes to parameters like page size and compression. To begin the transformation, choose “Create” or “Combine”. Choose a destination and give the PDF file a name before saving it.


If you deal with Urdu or Arabic material and need to disseminate papers in a widely recognized format, the ability to convert an Inpage file to PDF is a crucial skill. Using a virtual PDF printer, online conversion tools, or Adobe Acrobat Pro are all quick and easy ways to transform Inpage documents into PDFs.

Try out several approaches, play about with various configurations and choices, and zero in on the one that works best for you. Assuring compatibility, ease, and efficient document management in your nerdy endeavors with the option to convert Inpage files to PDF.

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