Learn How To Charge Phone Without Charger App Easily

How To Charge Phone Without Charger App

It’s annoying when your phone dies and you can’t find a charger in time to plug it in. While it’s true that you can find “charger” applications in app stores, they don’t always provide what you need to keep your phone powered up while you’re away from an outlet. In this piece, we’ll look at several alternatives to using phone charger applications.

Solar Chargers

Utilizing solar chargers is one alternative to utilizing a phone charging app. Solar chargers transform sunshine into usable electricity to power your electronic gadget. Portable solar panels and power banks with integrated solar panels are two common forms of these chargers.

how to charge phone without charger app

Connect your phone to the solar charger via USB and set it in direct sunshine to charge. Your phone will be charged as the solar panels turn sunshine into power. Because of its reliance on sunshine, solar charging is only practical when standard plug-in options are unavailable.

Battery Swapping

You may also charge your phone without a charger app by just switching out the battery. This technique is useful for electronics that use replaceable batteries. You may swap out your dead battery with a fully charged one if you have access to another battery or a spare. This provides a new source of power that may be used by your phone to charge itself.

Make sure your phone allows for a detachable battery, and then remove it carefully per the manufacturer’s instructions if you need to replace it out. Put in the charged battery and turn on the phone. Keep in mind that this technique may not work for all phones since not all phones have replaceable batteries.

Power banks allow you to charge your phone from an extra battery everywhere you go. You can charge your phone by plugging it into one of these portable power banks. When charging your phone, it’s best to use a power bank with the same capacity as the phone’s battery.

Power Banks

Make sure the power bank is completely charged and then connect it to your phone using the appropriate USB connector. Your phone will be charged by the power bank’s transmission of its stored energy. Power banks are often used to recharge mobile devices without the need for a dedicated charging app because of their portability and accessibility.

If your phone is compatible with wireless charging, you can use a wireless charger to power up your phone without having to download a separate charging app. Power is transferred from the charger to your phone using electromagnetic induction in wireless chargers. If you have a wireless charging pad or stand, you can just set your phone down on it to begin charging wirelessly.

Wireless Charging

Make sure your phone supports wireless charging before trying it out. Get a wireless charger that works with your phone’s charging standard (like Qi) if this is the case. Simply setting your phone down on the charging mat or stand will start the process.


While there is no guarantee that a charger app would fully charge your phone in the absence of a physical charger, other techniques like as solar chargers, battery swapping, power banks, and wireless charging may. When a charger is out of reach, here are several alternatives to keep in mind. If you care about the integrity of your phone, you should only utilize tried-and-true charging methods.

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