Learn How To Add Date And Time Stamp To Photos On Android Phone

How To Add Date And Time Stamp To Photos On Android Phone

This tutorial will show you how to add a time and date stamp to images taken with an Android phone. Including a time and date stamp on photos may be quite helpful, whether for memory keeping, collection management, or as proof of when an event occurred. Both the manual processes and the usage of specialized applications to achieve this goal will be discussed.

1. Using the Built-in Camera App

Almost all Android phones’ stock camera software include a built-in option to stamp the shot with the current time and date. We’ll show you how to activate the function and take pictures with accurate timestamps.

2. Using Third-Party Camera Apps

Don’t stress if the camera app on your phone doesn’t automatically add a time and date stamp. The Google Play Store is rife with third-party camera applications that provide this feature. We’ll suggest some well-liked choices and show you how to put them to good use.

how to add date and time stamp to photos on android phone

3. Using Photo Editing Apps

Photos shot without a time and date stamp may have that information added later using editing software. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best photo editing applications out there that let you customize the time and date stamps that appear on your images.

4. Using Timestamp Apps

Alternatively, you may use an app designed specifically for adding time and date stamps to images. With these programs, you get to decide how and where the time stamp appears. We’ll take a look at the top time stamping applications out there and break down how they work.

5. Considering Privacy and Security

It’s important to think about potential privacy and security risks before stamping images with times and dates. We’ll go through why it’s crucial to take measures to preserve private data like images, and show you how to do so.


The ability to add time and date stamps to images taken with an Android phone is a useful feature. The techniques shown here may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to organizing a picture collection, recording significant life events, and presenting evidence.

Pick the approach that works best for you and begin adding timestamps to your photographs right now.

Always keep your photographs’ privacy and security in mind while sharing them.

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