How to Shorten A Video On Android

How to Shorten A Video On Android

There are several reasons why you would want to trim down a video on your Android smartphone, including saving space, making highlights, or just sharing a certain segment. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to cut down a movie using some of the best Android video editors and the device’s in-built tools.

 Using Video Editing Apps

To begin editing videos, you should:

1. Install a Video Editing App

  • Download a video editing program from the Google Play Store; we recommend “FilmoraGo,” “Adobe Premiere Rush,” or “PowerDirector.”
  • Get your favorite app for Android and install it.

2. Import the Video

  • Launch the video editing app and import the video you want to shorten.
  • Most video editing apps provide options to import videos from your device’s gallery or directly from the camera.

3. Trim the Video

  • To trim a video, open the app’s editing menu and look for a tool that resembles a pair of scissors or a button labeled “Trim” or “Cut.”
  • You may adjust the video’s beginning and finishing timings by sliding the sliders or typing in the corresponding seconds.
  • Check the resulting video for length and make sure it satisfies your needs.

4. Save the Trimmed Video

  • Once you’re happy with the edited section, be sure to save the video.
  • Select the video quality and format you want to use.
  • Select the folder or drive where you’d want the trimmed video to be saved.
  • Please be patient as the app encodes and stores the video.

how to shorten a video on android

Using Preexisting Functionality

1. Open the Gallery App

The first step is to launch the Gallery app, which is often represented by a picture or filmstrip icon on Android devices.

2. Select the Video

Find the clip you wish to edit down from your library.

3. Tap on Edit or Trim

Third, when watching the movie, tap the Edit or Trim button – this button may or may not be there, depending on your device and Android version.
Simply tap on it to open the cutter.

4. Set the Trim Points

  • Adjust the video’s beginning and finishing times by dragging the corresponding sliders.
  • Check the duration of the reduced video to make sure it’s what you expected.

how to shorten a video on android

5. Save the Trimmed Video

  • Once you have determined where to cut the video, save the file.
  • Select a filename and destination to store the reduced video.
  • Hold on as the gadget stores the video.


A video may be easily shortened on an Android smartphone. There are several options for trimming and shortening films to fit your requirements, including specialist video editing apps and the functions of your device’s gallery app.

Try out a few different tools and methods until you discover the one that helps you make the most compelling videos with the least amount of effort.


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