How To See Downloaded Videos In Youtube In Laptop

How To See Downloaded Videos In Youtube In Laptop

The videos available on YouTube span many different genres, making it a go-to destination for video fans. There are a few different ways to get your downloaded YouTube videos playing on your laptop. In this piece, you’ll learn the ins and outs of watching YouTube videos offline on your laptop after having previously downloaded them.

Accessing Downloaded Videos in the YouTube App:

If you’ve used the YouTube app on your mobile device to download videos, you may be wondering how to watch them on your computer. The YouTube app for laptops is lacking a straightforward option to play locally saved videos. The download option was made with mobile offline viewing in mind.

Using YouTube Premium:

Subscribing to YouTube Premium is one option to watch videos you’ve downloaded on a desktop or laptop computer. YouTube Premium is a premium service that allows users to view videos offline on multiple devices (including laptops) and access other features.

If you have a YouTube Premium subscription and download videos on your phone, you may use the same login information to access YouTube on your computer. After logging into YouTube, you may view any videos you’ve already saved to your computer from the Library or Downloads tab.

If you’ve used a third-party YouTube downloader to save videos to your computer, you can play them with a few clicks. Launch your laptop’s file manager or explorer and go to the directory where the movies were downloaded.

Third-Party YouTube Downloaders:

Most third-party YouTube video downloaders will provide you the option to choose a download location. Check the downloader’s designated folder or a folder with their name in it. To play a video you’ve downloaded, open the folder containing the files and double-click on one.

how to see downloaded videos in youtube in laptop

Depending on the YouTube downloader or program you used to save the movies to your laptop, the downloaded videos might be stored in a different place. The download location may be altered in certain programs, while in others it is preset.

Alternative Downloaded Video Locations:

Check the software’s options or preferences if you have any doubts about the destination folder for the downloaded movies from YouTube. If there are storage or download path choices, take note of the folder path given. You may play the movies you downloaded by opening the relevant folder in your computer’s file explorer or file manager.

YouTube Premium or third-party YouTube downloaders are viable alternatives to the YouTube app for laptops, which makes it difficult to watch downloaded videos. With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can watch videos offline on your laptop. If you’ve used a YouTube downloader other than YouTube’s official one, the videos should be saved there. With these approaches, you can view videos from YouTube on your laptop even when you’re not connected to the internet.

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