How To Screen Record In Macbook Air

How To Screen Record In Macbook Air

It’s possible that you, as a MacBook Air owner, might want to record your screen for purposes like making video lectures or capturing a webinar. Using the in-built resources offered by Apple, screen recording is thankfully a simple operation. This article will walk you through the process of recording your screen on a MacBook Air.

1. Launch the Screenshot Tool

To get started, use “Shift-Command-5” to bring up the Screenshot menu. The options bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the Screen Recording Option

When you use the Screenshot tool, you can choose between taking a screenshot or recording your screen. To begin recording, go to the “Record Selected Portion” menu and click it. Instead, you may choose “Record Entire Screen” to record the entire screen.

3. Customize Your Recording Settings

You may adjust the settings for capturing your screen before you begin. Select the “Options” menu to set the microphone level, select an audio input source, and determine whether or not to record mouse clicks.

how to screen record in macbook air

4. Start the Screen Recording

Once you’re happy with the way things are set up, hit the “Record” button to begin capturing your screen. There will be a three-second countdown before the recording starts, allowing you time to get set up.

5. Stop the Screen Recording

You may halt the recording process by selecting “Stop” from the menu or by pressing “Command-Control-Esc” on your keyboard. Your screencast will be saved as file on your computer’s desktop.

how to screen record in macbook air

6. Edit and Share Your Screen Recording

Once you’ve paused the recording, you may use QuickTime Player (included) or another video editing program to make adjustments. After finishing a project, you may distribute it to others by posting it online (through a video hosting service, for example), sending it via email, or storing it in a cloud service.


The built-in features of the MacBook Air make screen recording a breeze. You may quickly and simply capture your screen and share it with others by following the instructions in this article. Screen recording is a useful tool for anybody in the educational, promotional, or creative fields who wants to make high-quality films.

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