How To Remove Virus From Pendrive In 6 Steps

You can trust that your data and devices will be protected following the steps outlined in this tutorial, which I will take you through in detail.

Step 1: Enable Antivirus Software:

The first step in cleaning a pendrive of viruses is to enable the antivirus software that has been installed on your computer. Make sure your anti-virus software has the most recent virus definition updates installed.

how to remove virus from pendrivehow to remove virus from pendrive If you don’t already have anti-virus protection, you should seriously think about getting a reliable product and installing it.

Step 2: Scan Pendrive for Viruses:

Insert the infected flash drive into a USB slot on the computer. Launch the scanning menu of your antivirus program. Choose the option to scan removable media or other external devices.

Select the flash drive from the list of accessible drives and do a full scan. The pendrive will be scanned by the antivirus program for any viruses or other harmful data.

how to remove virus from pendrive

Step 3: Quarantine or Remove Detected Viruses:

When the scan is finished, the antivirus program will provide you a report of any viruses or infected files it found. The contaminated files may be quarantined, deleted, or repaired, depending on the features offered by your antivirus software.

If you want to be confident that all of the viruses are gone, you should choose the quarantine or remove option. Take care not to inadvertently delete any necessary system files.

Step 4: Format the Pendrive:

If cleaning or removing the infected data fails, formatting the pendrive may be the only option left. When you format a flash drive, it deletes everything on it, including any viruses, and returns it to factory defaults.

Right-click the flash drive’s icon in the “My Computer” or “This PC” window, then choose “Format,” and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish formatting the device. Keep in mind that formatting will completely wipe your data, so make sure you have a backup copy of everything before you start.

how to remove virus from pendrive

Step 5: Prevent Future Infections:

The fifth step is to take precautions against future infections, which will keep your pendrive free from malware. Keep your pendrive away from infected or untrusted devices.

If you must transfer data from the internet to your pendrive, do it cautiously and check them with antivirus software beforehand. Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date and turned on, and you’ll be automatically protected.

Step 6: Recover Lost Data (if necessary):

The virus may have corrupted or concealed files on the flash drive, making them unrecoverable. Data recovery software may be used to attempt to restore data that was lost due to a virus infection but was not backed up beforehand.

The good news is that you can find various reliable data recovery software on the internet to assist you in retrieving deleted items from your pendrive. To restore your files, do what the program instructs.

The conclusion is that a methodical approach is needed to completely eradicate infections from a pendrive. You may successfully eliminate viruses from your pendrive and protect your data by activating antivirus software, scanning the pendrive, quarantining or deleting infected files, formatting the pendrive if required, and taking preventative steps. Keep your guard up and run scans on your pendrive often to avoid further infestations.

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