How To Remove Logo From Video Using Windows Movie Maker [2023]

How To Remove Logo From Video Using Windows Movie Maker

One of the most well-known options for editing and improving video quality is Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker has a number of choices and features that may be used to assist you eliminate unwanted branding from your videos. Without going into exhaustive detail, this article will examine how to remove a logo from a video in Windows Movie Maker.

The first step is to import the video file that includes the logo you wish to delete into Windows Movie Maker. Select the video file from your computer’s storage space and click the “Import Media” or “Add Videos and Photos” button. The video will show up in Windows Movie Maker’s media library and timeline after it’s been imported.

how to remove logo from video using windows movie maker

To organize and modify video clips, graphics, and audio tracks, Windows Movie Maker use a timeline-based editing interface. Learn how to navigate the timeline and its many features, such as the video track, audio track, and any other tracks you may require.

To remove a logo or watermark from a video clip, for example, just apply one of the many video effects available in Windows Movie Maker. Try using obfuscating video effects such as “Blur,” “Mosaic,” or “Pixelate” to cover up the logo. Try out several effects and tweak their parameters until you get the desired outcome.

how to remove logo from video using windows movie maker

Using Overlays is yet another option for watermark removal in Windows Movie Maker. Overlays are additional visual elements superimposed on an existing video. To hide the logo in the source video, you may use a transparent picture or a clip that does not include the logo as an overlay.

Overlays are created by importing a still picture or video clip and then positioning it on a separate track above the primary video track in the timeline. The overlay’s length and placement must be modified so that it corresponds with the video’s logo. When the video is played, the logo will be completely obscured.

Crop and resize techniques: If the logo only appears in a small portion of the film, you may edit the frame by frame using Windows Movie Maker. The logo may be minimized or eliminated altogether by cropping the video frame or reducing the film’s overall size.

how to remove logo from video using windows movie maker

Select the video clip in the timeline and then seek for the appropriate choices in the editing toolbar or properties panel to crop and resize the video. You’ll need to play about with the settings until you find a way to crop or resize the video that gets rid of the branding.

In conclusion, employing Windows Movie Maker’s video effects, overlays, crop, and resize tools is necessary for removing a logo or watermark from a film. Understanding the fundamental ideas and tools mentioned in this article will help you approach the process efficiently, even though the precise stages may differ depending on the version of Windows Movie Maker you’re using. To discover the best strategy for eliminating logos from your films in Windows Movie Maker, try a variety of ways and permutations.

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