How To Recover Contacts From Phone

How To Recover Contacts From Phone

If you lose your contact information and don’t have a backup, it may be quite upsetting. Several options exist, though, for retrieving lost phone numbers. In this tutorial, we’ll go over many various ways that you may retrieve lost contacts from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Check Your Google Account or iCloud

1. For Android Users: Check Your Google Account

Recovering your contacts is a breeze if you’re an Android user who has synchronized their phonebook with their Google account.

2. For iOS Users: Check Your iCloud Account

You can see whether your iOS device’s contacts have been uploaded to iCloud.

how to recover contacts from phone

Recover Contacts with Third-Party Applications

1. Installing and Running Dr.Fone Dr.Fone is a robust data recovery application that supports a wide range of file formats.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

2. Making use of EaseUS MobiSaver

Another third-party app that might help you retrieve deleted contacts from your phone is EaseUS MobiSaver.

Restore Contacts from Backup

1. Android Users: Restore Contacts from Google Backup

The contacts on your Android smartphone may be simply restored if you have activated the Google backup option.

2. iOS Users: Restore Contacts from iTunes or iCloud Backup

If you have backed up your iOS device to iTunes or iCloud, you may restore your contacts from there.

Use a SIM Card Reader

A SIM card reader will allow you to retrieve your contacts from a phone that utilizes a SIM card.

how to recover contacts from phone

Contact Your Service Provider

If you’ve tried everything above and still can’t access your contacts, it’s time to call your service provider.

Prevent Losing Contacts

Having a frequent backup of your phone data is the best approach to avoid losing contacts. Your contacts may be safely stored in the cloud or with a third-party app.

In sum

Losing contacts might be upsetting, but there are various options for getting them back. Follow the steps in this article, and you’ll have your lost contacts back in no time, and you won’t have to worry about losing them again.

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