How To Play Wmv On Mac : A Tutorial

How To Play Wmv On Mac

Microsoft’s WMV (Windows Media Video) format is widely used. Since WMV files were originally developed for Windows platforms, you may have trouble playing them on a Mac. However, you may enable WMV playback on your Mac in a number of ways. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the many options you have for successfully playing WMV files on your Mac.

Method 1: Using VLC Media Player:

First, you may use VLC Media Player, a flexible multimedia player that plays a wide variety of file types, including WMV videos. Here’s how to use VLC to watch WMV files on a Mac:

  • Get VLC Media Player from the developer’s site and set it up on your computer.
  • To play media on your Mac, open VLC.
  • In the main menu, pick “File” and then “Open File.”
  • Then, choose the WMV file you wish to play from your computer, and hit “Open.”
  • VLC Media Player will start playing the WMV file.

how to play wmv on mac

Method 2: Converting WMV to Mac-Compatible Format:

The alternative is to convert the WMV files to a Mac-friendly format like MP4 so that they may be played on the Mac’s built-in media player. How? Read on!
1. Install a program to convert videos on your Mac, such HandBrake or Any Video Converter.
2. Start up the program that will alter the video.
3. Click “Add” or “Import” and then locate the WMV file you wish to play.
4. Set the software’s output format to MP4 as the final destination.
5. Modify the parameters as required, such as the video’s quality and resolution.
6. Choose the folder to store the converted file in as step number six.
7. To begin the process of converting, step 7 is to click the “Start” or “Convert” button.
8. After the process is complete, open the MP4 file using your Mac’s default media player.

Method 3: Using Flip4Mac Plugin:

You may use the Flip4Mac Plugin, which is a plugin for QuickTime that allows you to view WMV files on a Mac. If you want to utilize Flip4Mac, do as follows:
1. Go over to the Flip4Mac site and get the plugin there.
2. QuickTime Player may then be launched on a Mac after installation.
3. Give QuickTime Player a go at the WMV file.
4. Install the Flip4Mac plugin if prompted to do so by QuickTime; then, play a Flip4Mac video.
5. After the setup is finished, QuickTime Player will support playing WMV files.

Even while it may be necessary to use third-party software or convert your WMV file before playing it on a Mac, you may still do it and have a great time watching your movies. You may easily play WMV files on your Mac by using VLC Media Player, converting them to a Mac-compatible format, or making use of plugins like Flip4Mac. Pick the approach that best fits your needs and tastes. WMV movies may now be played without any problems on a Mac.

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