How To Play Drm Protected Files On Vlc

How To Play Drm Protected Files On Vlc

As a self-proclaimed nerd, I can sympathize with the annoyance of coming across DRM (Digital Rights Management) locked files that prevent you from using your preferred media player, such as VLC. While digital rights management (DRM) was created to prevent unlawful use of intellectual materials, there are techniques to bypass these protections. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use VLC as a media player that can handle DRM-protected files, so you can watch movies, listen to music, and more without any hassle.

1. Understanding DRM Protected Files

It’s vital that you know what digital rights management (DRM) protected files are before proceeding. Digital rights management (DRM) is a method of regulating who may see and how that material can be utilized. DRM is used to protect many media items from being copied or distributed illegally. This includes movies, TV programs, and music.

2. Install VLC Media Player

You’ll need VLC media player installed on your computer in order to play DRM-protected files using VLC. If you want to watch a video but don’t have VLC, you may get the most recent version from the VLC website and install it on your computer. To finish the setup process, please refer to the installation instructions.

3. Obtain DRM Removal Tools

You’ll need dedicated DRM removal software to unprotect your files from digital rights management. Several programs exist that can remove DRM protections and save files in a format that can be opened with VLC. Examples of common DRM removal software are:

Movies, TV episodes, and music may all have their DRM protection removed with the help of TunesKit DRM Media Converter. It can provide high-quality results in a number of different formats.
NoteBurner is yet another dependable DRM removal application that works quickly and with a wide variety of media types. Both bought and leased media may have their DRM removed.

4. Convert DRM Protected Files

Launch the DRM removal program after installation, and then add the DRM-protected files you want to play in VLC. To initiate the conversion, run the program as instructed. The DRM removal program will remove any restrictions placed on the files by DRM and save them in a more universal format like MP4 or AVI.

5. Open the Converted Files in VLC

Find the converted files when the conversion is finished. Launch VLC media player and load the converted files by selecting “Open File” from the VLC menu or by pressing Ctrl+O (Command+O on Mac). VLC should have no trouble now playing the DRM-free files.

To properly play DRM protected files on VLC media player, follow these detailed instructions and investigate the highlighted subheadings. Give in to your inner nerd, remove DRM restrictions, and appreciate your media collection to its fullest extent.

About Free DRM Removal

To begin, you’ll be relieved to hear that this system’s cutting-edge software can maintain the integrity of any video while it is being converted to a new format. The whole thing is done pretty quickly (depending on the file size) while keeping the audio and video in sync.

This suite’s batch-file-conversion capabilities come in handy when you have a lot of files that need to be converted before being sent to a friend or copied to an external hard drive. This free DRM removal program allows you to access and edit iTunes bought and leased files. The incredibly straightforward design of these systems allows even those with no prior experience to get high-quality outcomes in a matter of minutes.

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