How To Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7 Using Power Iso In Few Steps

How To Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7 Using Power Iso

PowerISO is a robust program that facilitates the creation of bootable USB devices. Follow along as I detail how to use PowerISO to create a Windows 7 bootable flash drive.

Step 1: Download and Install PowerISO:

First, go over to the official website and get a copy of PowerISO to install on your PC. Both Windows and macOS users may download PowerISO.

Step 2: Obtain Windows 7 ISO File:

The Windows 7 installation disc image, or ISO file, is the next thing you’ll need. If you have a valid license, you may download the ISO file directly from the Microsoft website.

how to make bootable pendrive for windows 7 using power iso

Step 3: Insert Pendrive and Launch PowerISO:

Insert the USB flash drive you wish to convert to a bootable drive into a USB port on your computer, and then launch PowerISO. PowerISO may be started from the desktop or the Start menu.

Step 4: Select “Create Bootable USB Drive”:

Select “Create Bootable USB Drive” from the “Tools” option in PowerISO’s user interface.

Step 5: Choose Windows 7 ISO File:

Click the “…” button next to the “Source Image File” field in the “Create Bootable USB Drive” dialog box, and then locate the Windows 7 ISO file you want to use. Select the Windows 7 ISO file you downloaded previously by browsing to it.

Step 6: Select Pendrive and File System:

Choose your flash drive as the “Destination USB Drive” in the corresponding option. Select the file system you want to use, such as FAT32 or NTFS. Select “USB-HDD” as the “Emulation Type.”

how to make bootable pendrive for windows 7 using power iso

Step 7: Click on “Start”:

After ensuring that everything is set up properly in Step 6, clicking the “Start” button will begin the process of creating a bootable pendrive.

Step 8: Wait for the Process to Complete:

The eighth step is to wait for PowerISO to finish formatting the flash drive and copying the Windows 7 setup files onto it. Just give it some time to finish up. This might take a while, depending on how fast your pendrive is and how large the ISO file is.

Step 9: Eject the Pendrive:

After PowerISO notifies you that the bootable pendrive was successfully created, you may eject the drive in Step 9. Select “OK” to remove the flash drive from the computer.

As a result, making a bootable pendrive for Windows 7 using PowerISO is a straightforward method for installing the operating system. Using PowerISO and the instructions in this article, you may quickly and simply create a bootable pendrive for the purpose of installing Windows 7. Obtain a genuine Windows 7 ISO file and proceed with care when dealing with sensitive information.

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