How To Make A Video Collage On Iphone

How To Make A Video Collage On Iphone

Making a video collage on your iPhone is a great way to integrate many films into one cohesive and aesthetically pleasing whole. Here’s a quick and easy way to create a video collage on your iPhone. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use your iPhone’s native camera functions with a well-known video editing tool to make gorgeous video collages.

Step 1: Choose a Video Editing App:

You can’t make a video collage without a video editor that allows for it. “InShot,” which can be downloaded from the App Store for nothing, comes highly recommended. Get the app from iTunes and put it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select the Videos:

Open the InShot app and tap the “Video” tab. You may make a video collage simply touching on the videos you wish to use. Your iPhone’s camera roll and other video libraries are available as selection options.

Step 3: Arrange the Video Clips:

Once the videos have been chosen, InShot will show them to you as individual clips. Simply simply dragging and dropping, the clips may be rearranged in whatever order you choose.

how to make a video collage on iphone

Step 4: Customize the Collage Layout:

The fourth step involves selecting a layout for your video collage among the several that are available in InShot. Choose from a variety of premade collage layouts by selecting the “Layout” menu item. Select the one that best satisfies your needs.

Step 5: Adjust the Video Size and Position:

You may need to resize and rearrange the films so that they fit inside the collage arrangement. Pinch to zoom in or out on any video by tapping on it. Move the clips about the collage by dragging them to new locations.

Step 6: Add Transitions and Effects:

Enhance your video collage by including transitions between the pieces. This is the sixth step. You may choose from a number of different transition effects in InShot. Click the “Transition” menu and choose the transition type you want. Adding filters and other visual effects may help make your collage stand out.

how to make a video collage on iphone

Step 7: Add Music and Text (optional):

Add music to your video collage by selecting the “Music” option. You can also add text to your video collage in this step. Pick a tune from your computer’s storage or from the app’s internal library. To further personalize your collage, you may add text overlays in a variety of styles, colors, and animations.

Step 8: Preview and Export the Video Collage:

After you’ve finished personalizing your video collage, you can see a preview by clicking the “Play” button and then exporting the final product. Change whatever that needs changing. When you’re happy with your video collage, click “Export” to store or share it. Select the export parameters and video quality you want.

Putting up a video collage on an iPhone is a great way to have some fun while also expanding your creative horizons. Create professional-looking video montages on the go with the aid of the InShot app and these detailed instructions. Allow your creativity to run wild as you capture and share precious memories with those you care about with video collages.

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