How To Make A Ringtone From A Video

How To Make A Ringtone From A Video

To begin, making a video into a ringtone is a fun and unique way to customize your phone. Geek ringtone creators, your prayers have been answered: you can extract audio from video clips! This tutorial will show you how to convert a movie into a ringtone utilizing both web-based and desktop-based resources.

Method 1: Online Ringtone Maker

Choose an Online Ringtone Maker

The first thing you need to do to turn a video into a ringtone is to find an internet ringtone maker. A common choice is “Zamzar.” Check out Zamzar, or look for “online ringtone maker” on your search engine of choice.

Upload the Video

Upload the Video Once you’ve decided on an online ringtone creator, pick the video you wish to utilize by clicking the “Upload” or “Choose File” option. To add the video to the website, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Select the Ringtone Length

Decide how long you want your ringtone to be by using the online ringtone maker’s slider bar. The average length of a ringtone is 30 seconds. To customize the length of your ringtone, just move the playback sliders to the beginning and conclusion of the movie.

Choose the Output Format and Quality

After that, choose an option for your ringtone’s final output. Typical output formats from online ringtone generators are MP3 and M4R (iPhone only). In addition, you may customize your ringtone by selecting a certain quality and bitrate.

how to make a ringtone from a video

Convert and Download the Ringtone

Click the “Convert” or “Create Ringtone” button after choosing the output format and quality, and then download the resulting ringtone. The video will be converted into an audio file by an internet service. After the process of transformation is finished, you may transfer the ringtone to your phone or computer.

Method 2: Software Application (e.g., iTunes)

Install and Launch the Software

First, get the program you want to use (iTunes is one choice) installed and running on your computer. If you don’t already have it, get iTunes and install it on your computer. After iTunes has been installed, open it.

Import the Video into iTunes

The second step is to add the video to iTunes.
To create a ringtone from a video, add the file to iTunes. To import a video into iTunes, either click “File” and then “Add File to Library” or just put the file there.

how to make a ringtone from a video

Trim the Video

To cut down an imported video, go to the file’s details by right-clicking it in iTunes and choose “Get Info.” Trim the video to the appropriate ringtone length (for example, 30 seconds) by adjusting the start and stop timings in the “Options” tab. To save your changes, click the “OK” button.

Convert the Video to AAC Format

Change the Video to AAC Format While keeping the video chosen in iTunes, choose “File” > “Convert” > “Create AAC Version.” iTunes will make an audio-only copy of the video in AAC format, which may then be used as a ringtone.

Change the File Extension and Move to Tones

Find the video’s AAC copy in your iTunes library. Select “Show in Windows Explorer” (on Windows) or “Show in Finder” (on Mac) from the context menu. The.m4a extension must be converted to the.m4r format. To import the file into iTunes’s ringtone library, just double-click on it.

Sync and Set as Ringtone

Set it as your phone’s ringtone by syncing it with your computer using iTunes. Select the “Tones” tab when your device is connected in iTunes. Click “Apply” or “Sync” to use the custom ringtone you just made.

Accessing the phone’s ringtone options and picking out your freshly made tune.

In conclusion, making a video into a ringtone is a great way to customize your phone’s sound. It’s simple to turn any video into a custom ringtone using either an internet service like Zamzar or a dedicated piece of software like iTunes. You may show off your inner nerd by following the instructions in this article to make a custom ringtone.

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