How To Increase Brightness In Mx Player

MX Player is a popular choice among Android users because of its powerful capabilities and intuitive design. Some users may find the video playback to be excessively dark or dim, despite the app’s many adjustment settings. You can easily adjust the brightness in MX Player if you’re having trouble seeing the video.

Step 1: Open MX Player

Launch MX Player on your Android smartphone first. You can get it from the Google Play Store for free if you don’t already have it.

Step 2: Play a Video

Choose the video that best suits your needs. You may use the device’s built-in file browser to find the video if it has been downloaded to your device. Alternatively, you may put the video’s URL into the app’s “Network Stream” area and watch it there.

how to increase brightness in mx player

Step 3: Access the Options Menu

You may control the video playing in MX Player by tapping the screen. There should be a three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of the display. To access the settings, you may tap this symbol.

Step 4: Adjust the Brightness

There need to be a “Brightness” choice available in the settings menu. Select this menu item to adjust the screen’s brightness. Next, you may alter the level of illumination by dragging the indicator to the left or right.

how to increase brightness in mx player

Step 5: Save Your Settings

When you’re happy with the brightness level, choose “OK” to apply your changes. You may now watch the video at the brightness setting you like.

Bonus Tip: Change the Brightness Settings for All Videos

Accessing the app’s settings allows you to adjust the brightness for all movies in MX Player at once. Start by tapping the three-line symbol in the upper left corner of the app’s main screen, and then choose “Settings.” You may adjust the brightness of the player under the “Player” menu. Raise or lower the brightness until it’s exactly perfect, and then click “OK” to preserve your changes. Your changed brightness preferences will be applied to any videos you play in MX Player from this point forward.


MX Player makes it easy to adjust the brightness, which may vastly improve your watching experience. Following the aforementioned procedures, you can either modify the brightness settings for all films in the app or customize them for specific recordings. You may adjust the brightness of your screen to your liking, whether you’re viewing a movie or streaming a TV program.

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