How To Change Server In Free Fire

How To Change Server In Free Fire

Following the detailed procedures and highlighted sections in this tutorial, you will be able to switch Free Fire servers and have access to new game modes and international player communities.

To adjust your Free Fire preferences, follow these steps:

1. Launch Free Fire and Navigate to the Settings

Launch Free Fire on your smartphone to begin the process of switching servers. Find the gear icon in the game’s menu system after it’s launched. Generally, a gear or cogwheel is used as the settings icon. To adjust the game’s settings, use the gear icon.

2. Access the Server Settings

Try to find a regional or server-related setting in the menu’s options. The name of this menu item may change based on the game or system you’re using. It usually resides in the menu marked “Game Settings” or “Connection Settings.” Selecting the server or region choice will take you to the server configuration page.

3. Select a Different Server

A list of servers or regions is shown under the server configuration menu. Standard Free Fire server options include Asian, European, North American, and other regional variants. Look through the available options and click or touch on the server or location you want to use.

how to change server in free fire

4. Confirm the Server Change

You will be asked to verify the new server once you have made your selection. The game may prompt you to connect to the preferred server with a notification. To continue with the server switch, click or press the confirmation button.

5. Relaunch the Game

You may need to close the game and open it again for the server switch to take effect once you’ve verified it. Exit the game entirely and launch it again. Once you’ve made your selection and restart the game, you’ll be connected to the new server or area, where you’ll find new players to compete with.

Changing Free Fire servers is as simple as following the included instructions and reading the highlighted sections for further information. Recognize your inner nerd, form global alliances, and prove your mettle on the battlefield in Free Fire.

About Free Fire Advance Server

The Garena Free Fire upgrade is now in beta, and interested players may test out the new features on the Advanced Server. Everything on Advanced Server eventually makes its way into the main game through patches. To speed up the process of finding and fixing faults, developers often release new functionality early.

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