How To Add Music To A Flipagram Video : A Tutorial

How To Add Music To A Flipagram Video

Popular video editing and sharing service Flipagram lets users add music to slideshows for added appeal. Including music in your Flipagram films is a terrific way to spice things up and make your productions more interesting to watch. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add music to a Flipagram clip in a straightforward manner.

1. Choose the Right Music

Choosing an appropriate soundtrack is the first step in incorporating music into a Flipagram film. Choose a song that fits the tone and feel of your video after giving thought to the overall vibe you want to achieve. Choose calmer sounds for a more laid-back feel or livelier music for a more spirited film. Make sure the music you choose fits the tone of the piece and doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights to their work.

2. Prepare Your Music

Make sure the audio track you want to use is in the right format before you begin adding it to your Flipagram film. Audio files in MP3 and WAV formats are only two of the many that are compatible with Flipagram. You may use a free online audio converter to convert your music to a supported format if it is not already in that format.

3. Import Your Media

Start by using the Flipagram app and making a new project. Bring in the media you want to use in the slideshow. Images and videos may be selected from your device’s gallery or fresh ones shot inside the Flipagram app. Put the media in the order you want to tell the tale.

how to add music to a flipagram video

4. Add the Music

After you’ve ordered your material, you can add the soundtrack. You may utilize the music already on your smartphone or upload your own to the Flipagram app’s music collection. Select the tune you want to add from your device’s music collection by tapping the “Add Music” button. If you’d rather utilize music from the Flipagram collection, go through the available tracks and choose one that works well with your film.

5. Trim and Adjust the Music

After you’ve decided on a song, you may need to edit it down to fit your Flipagram clip. You may adjust the beginning and conclusion times of the song in the Flipagram music editor to make it work better with your slideshow. You may even combine the song’s loudness with the sound from your video clips to create the perfect soundtrack.

how to add music to a flipagram video

6. Preview and Finalize

Take a time to preview your Flipagram video with sound when you’ve finished adding and adjusting the music. You may play it back to see whether the music fits well with the pictures and sets the right tone by pressing play. Continue tweaking the music’s timing and volume levels until you’re happy with the effect.

7. Save and Share

Once you’re satisfied with your Flipagram movie and have added music, you may save it. Pick a size and quality setting that works for what you need. Once your creation is finished, you can export it to your device’s camera roll, post it on social media, email it to friends and family, or print it off.

By following these steps

If you follow these instructions, you’ll be able to easily add music to your Flipagram video and create compelling slideshows that will make an impact. Try out several kinds of music and methods of editing to see what works best for your videos.

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