Discover How To Set Screensaver In Windows 7

How To Set Screensaver In Windows 7

Setting a screensaver is a terrific way to put your own stamp on your Windows 7 desktop. While you’re gone from your computer, a screensaver might show off some of your most treasured images. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of installing and configuring a screensaver in Windows 7.

1. Access the Personalization Menu

To customize your desktop, right-click an empty area and choose “Personalize.” The “Start” button leads to the “Control Panel,” from which you may access “Personalization.”

2. Choose a Theme

When you go to the Settings > Personalization menu, you’ll find a selection of skins to choose from. These packages of settings include preselected themes, window colors, audio effects, and screensavers. Simply clicking on one of these topics will choose it for you.

how to set screensaver in windows 7

3. Select a Screensaver

Select “Screensaver” from the Personalization window’s settings menu if you want to activate a screensaver. A selection of screensavers will appear for your perusal. If you click on a screensaver, you may get a preview of it.

4. Customize Your Screensaver

Once you’ve decided on a screensaver, you may further personalize it by choosing “Settings.” Selecting this will open a screensaver configuration dialogue box. You have control over several aspects of the screensaver, such as how long it takes to activate and whether or not the login screen is shown when the screensaver is disabled.

5. Save Your Changes

how to set screensaver in windows 7

After making any necessary adjustments to your screensaver, you can apply them by selecting the “Apply” button. The next time your computer is idle for the allotted time, your new screensaver will kick on.

6. Preview Your Screensaver

Select “Preview” from the Screensaver settings menu to see your updated screensaver in action before you commit your changes. Here you may preview the screensaver’s final appearance.


Adding some life and character to your Windows 7 desktop is as easy as installing a screensaver. Following the aforementioned procedures, you’ll have your pick of many different screensavers, each of which may be adjusted to your taste. Just try it out and see how it goes!

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