Discover How To Convert Mx Player Video To Mp4 Easily

How To Convert Mx Player Video To Mp4

To begin, you’ve found the proper site if you’re an MX Player user who’s working with a video file in MX Player’s proprietary format and would want to convert it to the more generally used MP4 format. It’s easy to convert videos from MX Player to MP4 so you can watch them on any device or platform. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use a dependable video converter program to transform MX Player movies into MP4 format.

Step 1: Download and Install a Video Converter:

To get started, get a program that can convert videos from MX Player to MP4. The “HandBrake” program is a favorite among many, and it can be downloaded for free from the developer’s site. Get yourself a copy of HandBrake and install it.

Step 2: Launch HandBrake and Import the MX Player Video:

Start up HandBrake after the installation is complete. To import an MX Player video file for conversion, either click the “Open Source” button or go to “File” and choose “Open Source.” Find the movie’s folder on your hard drive, then play it.

Step 3: Choose the Output Format (MP4):

You may pick from many different output formats while using HandBrake. You may choose MP4 as the output format by using the corresponding drop-down menu found in the “Format” or “Output Format” section. The video quality, resolution, and audio settings are just some of the numerous choices you may adjust to your heart’s content.

Step 4: Set the Output Destination:

Choose a destination folder to store the converted MP4 file. To choose a different location on your computer as the output folder, either click the “Browse” button or move the cursor to the output destination area.

Step 5: Start the Conversion Process:

Initiate the Conversion Process After reviewing the parameters to make sure they are right. When you’re ready to begin the conversion process, click the “Start” or “Convert” button. The video file from MX Player will be converted to MP4 using the options you choose.

how to convert mx player video to mp4

Step 6: Wait for the Conversion to Complete:

The length and size of the MX Player video file will affect how long it takes to convert. Let HandBrake finish the process of converting while you wait. A percentage or progress bar will let you know how far along you are.

Step 7: Verify and Access the Converted MP4 File:

When the process is complete, you may check the output location you choose. The MP4 file after conversion should be at the specified location. If the video doesn’t play properly, double-click the file to make sure the conversion was successful.

Converting your movies from MX Player to MP4 ensures that they will play smoothly on all of your devices and operating systems. You can simply convert MX Player movies to MP4 and make them more widely available by following the procedures indicated in this post and utilizing a reputable video converter application like HandBrake. MP4 is a popular video format, and playing and sharing them is a breeze.

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