Discover How To Cast Mobile Screen On Laptop Windows 7

How To Cast Mobile Screen On Laptop Windows 7

Screen casting from a mobile device to a laptop computer is a convenient way to show what’s on your phone to more people or to expand the viewing area of your phone’s information.

Even though Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is still widely used, and your mobile device’s screen may be projected onto it. The procedures necessary to mirror your mobile device’s display onto a Windows 7 laptop are outlined in this article.

1. Check the Laptop Compatibility

Before you can cast your mobile screen to the laptop, you need to make sure that the laptop has the necessary hardware and software installed.

2. Download the Required Software

You’ll need to get the app that lets you cast the smartphone screen to your Windows 7 laptop. Vysor and ApowerMirror are two of the most well-known choices, although there are many more.

3. Install the Software

Following the software’s download, it must be installed on the portable device. To finish the installation, just stick to the wizard’s on-screen prompts.

how to cast mobile screen on laptop windows 7

4. Connect Your Mobile and Laptop

Simply connect your mobile device to the laptop through USB when software installation is complete. Make sure your phone is set to allow USB debugging.

5. Establish the Connection

Start the program on your notebook, then hit the “Connect” button. It can automatically recognize your mobile device and connect to it. In order to finish the connection, you may need to activate USB debugging on your phone.

how to cast mobile screen on laptop windows 7

6. Adjust Settings

Once the link has been made, you’ll be able to customize several aspects of the video to your liking.

7. Start Casting

After configuring the settings, you may begin mirroring your mobile device’s display on the computer. The content of your mobile device may now be seen and interacted with on the larger display of your laptop.


Sharing your phone’s screen or seeing its information on a bigger screen is a breeze when you cast it to a Windows 7 laptop.

You may effortlessly project the screen of your mobile device onto your laptop with the aid of the appropriate software and a USB cord. If you want to see content from your mobile device on your Windows 7 laptop, just follow the instructions in this article.

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